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About us

We are a small start-up with an afford to suceed. Our limited liability company specializes on the web applications for data management and its presentation. Eternal improvement of our applicatios and opening new views of proceed data. Our work based on a deep insight of consumers needs and resulting therefrom contex of use.

Long-term cooperation with Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy on an occurence of plants Pladias and other projects.


CRUDium s.r.o.

Korunní 2569/108, 101 00, Praha 10 – Vinohrady, Czech Republic
IČO 06887198
VAT CZ06887198

bank account 2201394615/2010 (CZK)

IBAN CZ9220100000002201394615

+420 777 810 617

Software development

Developing customs applications. Import of existing data, workflow according to a customer needs, fully responsive web pages for using on all devices, scalable and universal deployment thanks to the universal container system.

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QR-code interactive exposition

Creation, management and monitoring of QR codes for indoor and outdoor usage. Text internalization according to visitor's needs, different types of codes, routing management, statistics.

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Interactive map apps

Navigation in exposition, spatial data presentation and integrated management.

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